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Perplexus -Star Wars Death Star
The Star Wars ultimate weapon is now the ultimate Perplexus 3D maze! Hold the power in your hands, twisting and turning the Death Star to maneuver your marble along the track and make it to then like the Jedi-warrior you are! Use R2D2's dome to navigate the X-wing Starfighter to pick up and move the ball into different battle zones. Twist, spin and use Rebel Alliance Squadron tactics to maneuver the ball through this challenging maze mission. Make it to the end for explosive lights and sounds! Includes display base. Item #:740-16 For ages 8+.
Price: $56.99
Pop Shotz
This burst of air propels rockets and suction cup dartz across the room or the yard
Squeeze gun has ammo holder
Just squeeze and shoot
Works on a puff of air
Set includes : 1 Pop Shotz Blaster, 3 Sucker Shotz Darts , 1 Big Shotz Foam Rocket
Item #:639-18

Price: $7.99
Sky Ripperz
The Zing Sky Ripperz is the newest innovation in flight technology. No battery or fuel is needed to make the sky ripperz rocket fly high in the air! Just attach your launcher to the launch hook found on your Sky Ripperz whistle-screaming Rocket, pull the tab, release and watch it fly over 250 feet high! Package includes 1 launcher and 1 rocket.
Item #:520-18
Price: $8.99
Sky Gliderz
Sky Gliderz are high flying, soft-foam stunt planes that loop and glide over 120 feet! Launch with the Rip-Zip launcher to watch Sky Gliderz perform all kinds of tricks at supersonic speeds with whistle-screaming action! Aim your Sky Gliderz downward and watch as it does loops! Launch your Sky Gliderz sideways and it comes right back! Try and catch it! Launch your Sky Gliderz as high as you can! Watch as it loops and glides it's way back down to the ground!
Item #:5510-18
Price: $17.49
Air Hunterz Zing Shotz
The Zing Shot is the ultimate foam ball launcher for fun on the run! It's a compact shooter with a quick shot. Load up with RedX balls and blast targets from over 45 feet! Perfect for target practice!
Item #:172-18
Price: $13.00
Zing Helirang
Get major blade spinning action with the outdoor helicopter boomerang! This copter circles out a whopping 36 feet on a swooping arc before coming back at you to land. Soft foam rotor blades make even crash landings safe! Item #:5200-18
Price: $12.59
Thumb Chucks
Thumb Chucks-Control The Roll
Light Up
Available Colors:Red,Blue,Lime,
Item #:888-18
Price: $10.00
Firetek Lunarang
Soft Foam Light Up Boomerang. It really comes back. Easy to use!
Item #:822-18
Price: $12.49
Zing Toys-Legends Long Bow
In ancient times, when danger lurked around every corner, brave heroes defended the land with the Legends Longbow! Like the arrows used by the legendary heroes of the past, the soft foam zonic arrows will scream through the air at distances of over 125 feet, warning all enemies of good to stay away! The zarts suction cup arrow will stick to almost anything, allowing you to perfect your aim and perhaps become a legendary hero yourself one day! Includes 1 Legends Longbow,2 long-range zonic arrows and 1 zarts arrow Item #:670-18
Price: $29.99
Zomibie Slayersz Hunter Bow
Zombie Slayerz™ Zombie Slayerz bow is the ultimate in long-range foam archery, blasting targets from over 125 feet! Choose your ammo--the Zombie Slayerz Bow fires far-flying foam Z-Arrows and stick-anywhere suction cup Zartz. Hook in your ammo, line up the shot and let it fly! One Style Includes: 1 Zombie Slayerz Bow 2 Long-Range Zonic Arrows 1 Zartz Arrow Ages 8+ Item #:370-18
Price: $28.99
Hippo Blanket Pet
Hada the Hippo, this adorable Zoobies Blanket Pets stuffed hippo, is all cuddles and hugs and makes a wonderful bed-time and play-time buddy. With her soft pink fur, perky ears, and sweet squishable face, Hada the Hippo is the perfect choice for the animal lovers in your life.

Not only is Hada a cuddly plush hippo, she is also a comfy pillow with an added surprise! Inside the pillow body of this precious Zoobies Blanket Pet hippo is a cozy, super-soft, pink coral fleece blanket making Hada the Hippo 3-in-1 animal fun... a plush animal... a soft pillow... and a warm blanket! Perfect for road excursions or just snuggling in bed.

* Large, super-soft pink coral fleece blanket inside: 53"x34"
* Blanket zips off/on for easy washing
* Two bottom Velcro tabs gather Zoobies hippo into animal shape
Item #: 102-9
Price: $31.99
Retro Slinky Dog
The Lovable Toy Story Dog in Retro 1950's Style Packaging! For ages 18 mos.+ Item #:225-12
Price: $22.99
Magnetic USA Puzzle
Kids learn to identify the states and their positions on the map as they fit the magnetic states together. The map, which unfolds to 18" x 14", shows major resources, industries, landmarks and attractions in individual states. Kids also can have fun placing the state magnets on the refrigerator to form their own map. Ages 4 & Up Contents: Magnetic Play Board, 45 Magnetic State Pieces Item #:7432-16
Price: $9.99
Magnetic-Create A Scene-Firefighters
Children will exercise their imaginations for hours with this magnetic playset that encourages storytelling, promotes problem-solving skills and builds skills in sequencing. The 18" x 14" play board folds in half and is sealed with a clear, resilient coating to make cleanup easier. The vinyl, waterproof magnetic playing pieces provide extra hold. Ages 3 & Up Contents: Magnetic Play Board, 21 Magnetic Playing Pieces Item #:7126-16
Price: $9.99
Magnetic Bingo - Travel Game
Take 'N' Play Anywhere games feature big magnetic playing pieces that are easy for kids to use and hard for kids to lose. The convenient 6 3/4" square tin case makes it easy to slip the games into most bags to take everywhere and keep kids entertained on a trip, waiting at the doctor's office, dining out, while stuck in traffic or just visiting grandma's house. Spin the spinner and place your magnetic markers on the corresponding animals to shout Bingo. Not For Children Less Than 3 Item #:674-16
Price: $8.99
Magnetic Hangman - Travel Game
Take 'N' Play Anywhere games feature big magnetic playing pieces that are easy for kids to use and hard for kids to lose. The convenient 6 3/4" square tin case makes it easy to slip the games into most bags to take everywhere and keep kids entertained on a trip, waiting at the doctor's office, dining out, while stuck in traffic or just visiting grandma's house. In Hangman, these magnetic pieces allow you to play this word game anywhere. Guess an incorrect letter and a body part is added. Solve the word before you're hung. By Patch Products Not for Children Under 3 Item #:673-16
Price: $8.99
My Dog Has Fleas
Get all your fleas to stay on Itchy's back and win the game Turn Itchy's tail to see which fleas stay and which fleas POP off is back Ages 4+ Item #: 36000-12
Price: $17.99
USPS Ocean Liner Tin Toy Set
Our official USPS Ocean Liner recalls the 1901 "Fast Ocean Navigation" stamp and the "fast" 7 day mail service from Europe to America. This set includes a beautiful all-tin St. Paul Ship, a metal display stand, and a gift tin featuring the postage stamp on the lid. The Ocean Liner also features a working directional rudder and a unique smoke stack wind up key. An elegant gift for Ship and tin toy collectors from Schylling! Type: Tin Wind Up Ship - Tin Gift Box and display stand - Wind Up Smoke Attached Category: Tin Ship - For Collectors (Not for children under 8) Size: 7.5" Long (7.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches) Package: Gift Tin Box with Classic Stamp Graphic - "Fast Ocean Navigation" and a History of the Stamp printed on the tin . Item #:2481-11
Price: $17.99
SOCK MONKEY-Socko D. Rocko
SOCKO D. ROCKO SOCK MONKEY Approximately 9" H Sitting Approximately 14" Tall Item #:SM9003
Price: $10.00



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