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Union Generals
Facsimile reproduction of playing cards originally published in 1863 by M. Nelson, New York. Each card face features an engraved portrait of a general or statesman of the Civil War Era.. Each deck contains 54 cards. Item #: 543-15
Price: $6.00
Outlaws of the Old West
This fact-filled deck features 13 different notorious outlaw individuals and gangs: The Wild Bunch (including Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kids); Black Jack Ketchum; Ned Christie; Tom Horn; Bill Doolin; Sam Bass; Cherokee Bill; John Wesley Hardin; The Dalton Brothers; The Younger Brothers; Billy the Kid; Belle Starr; and The James Boys. 52 Card Deck Item #:548-15
Price: $6.00
Naval Spotter Playing Cards (1940's to 1960's)
The cards were intended to educate our troops to distinguish between ally and enemy vessels during wartime. This facsimile deck of 55 Naval Spotter Playing Cards displays the profiles of U.S. and foreign warships from the 1940s through the 1960s. On the face of each card is the silhouette of a U.S. or foreign warship, as it would be seen by an observer on shore or from another ship. Each card also displays the name of the ship, its class and type, its length and displacement, and what country it belongs to. Included in the deck is a Naval Spotter Abbreviation Card. The Naval Spotter poker deck includes two Jokers, and can be used for many popular card games. The cards are printed on quality, European stock. Item #:551-15
Price: $6.00
1864 Poker Deck
This important deck of playing cards from America’s past. The 1864 Poker Deck is faithfully reproduced from an authentic Civil War era Poker deck. As with the original 1864 Highlander deck, the cards in this 55-card deck have square corners. The deck has full-length, single-ended court cards. The box features a reproduction of the original tax stamps with hand cancellation dated June 2, 1864. The deck includes two informational cards, which provide a brief history of Early American Playing Cards. An additional card presents the original blue Ace of Spades with an eagle beneath 13 stars and the name L.I. Cohen on the bottom. Perfect for Civil War re-en-actors and history buffs Item #:1864-15.
Price: $6.00
State by State Playing Cards
This 52-card deck cleverly incorporates the suit marks into the charming artwork. Each state card features an illustration and informative caption about the state's history, products or natural beauty. Each cards identifies its capital and abbreviation. In addition to the 50 states, playing cards are provided for Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. Key cards make it easy to find your state by suit mark or alphabetically. This colorful deck, suitable for most card games. Item #:521-15
Price: $6.00
Animals of the Natural World Playing Card Deck
This deck features full-color illustrations created exclusively for this special series, with a different picture on every card face. Item #:549-15
Price: $6.00
Presidents III Deck
Presented through a partnership with History Channel, Presidents III Card Game is a playing card deck featuring 15 American presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Barack Obama. It presents a full-color portrait of an American president with biographical facts about his background,accomplishments in office, terms of office. Item #:5421-15
Price: $6.00
Special Ops & Elite Forces Navy Playing Cards
This fact-filled card deck presents exciting details about Navy SEALs, including SEAL Team 6, SWCC, Leap Frogs, Helicopter Combat Squadron 84, Task Force K-Bar, and stealth missions such as Operation Neptune’s Spear, Operation Just Cause, Black Hawk Down, Operation Red Wing, and others. Additional topics include special Navy SEAL terminology, technology, and weapons, training and tactics, and biographical profiles of honored Navy SEAL heroes. The illustrated deck includes 54 cards, with 2 Jokers. Suitable for most card games. Item#:5402-15
Price: $6.00
Guinness Extra Stout Playing Cards
Casino Finish Playing Cards Official License by Guinness For many GUINNESS has come to symbolise a way of life, always with style, wit & humour. Item #:2117-2
Price: $8.99
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