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Milkhouse Candle-8 oz. Milk Jar-Assorted Fragrances
Cotton wick; 50 unsurpassed hours of burn. Perfect for small rooms. Made in the USA. Available Fragrances: Barn Dance, Buds & Berries, Butter Toffee. Cabin Fever, Cappuccino Brulee, Cranberry Amaretto, Lemon Basil Olive, Pure Vanilla, Sticky Buns, Sugar Plums, Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Caramel Pumpkin Latte Welcome Home
Price: $13.99
Milkhouse Fragrances 8 oz. Milk Bottle:
Milkhouse Candle-16 oz.Butter Jar-Assorted Fragrances
16oz Butter Jar Candle is produced with 2 cotton wicks to maximize the fragrance in your home. Milkhouse's rich blend of soy wax infused with pure beeswax. Milkhouse fragrances are known for their true qualities. Our perfumers know fragrance, and the proof can be found within. Excellent fragrance throughout the entire home from fist light to final flame! 100 hours of burn. Glassware made in the USA. Glass lid and metal bail included. Available Fragrances: Buds & Berries, Butter Toffee, Cappuccino Brulee, Gingerbread Pumpkin, Sticky Buns, Apple Strudel, Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, Eucalyptus Lavender, Barn Dance, Carrot Spice Cake, Lemon Basil Olive, Cranberry Amaretto, Sugar Plums, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Pure Vanilla, Victorian Christmas
Price: $18.99
Milkhouse 16 Oz. Butter Jar Avaialble Fragrances:
Milkhouse Candle-22 oz.Butter Jar-Assorted Fragrances
Single-wick 22 ounce Butter Jar Candle is a tremendous value. Natural soy wax infused with pure beeswax is just the beginning. Milkhouse fragrances are true, and you'll experience excellent fragrance from first light to final flame. 130 hours of burn. Glass Butter Jar Made in the USA! Includes black metal bail & handle and glass lid. Available Fragrances: Cappuccino Brulee, Buds & Berries, Butter Toffee, Cranberry Amaretto, Sticky Buns, Autumn Pear,
Price: $21.99
Milkhouse 22 oz. Butter Jar Available Fragrances:
Swan Creek Drizzle Melts-Assorted Fragrances
DRIZZLE MELTS are made from our 100% all-natural soybean and beeswax blend. Sure to delight your senses, Drizzle MeltsTM are triple scented. Made in the USA Available Fragrances: Lemon Icebox Cookies, Vanilla Pound Cake, Raspberry Creme, Birthday Cake, Walk In The Woods, Pink Champagne & Strawberries, Citrus & Sage, Mulberry & Mandarin, Cilantro Clementine, Apricot Blackberry, Thai Pear, Summer Rain, Lavender & Lemongrass,
Price: $6.79
Swan Creek Drizzle Melts-Available Fragrances:
Mason Jar Layered Candles(Multi-Scent)-Assorted Fragrances Available
13 ounce jar of specially blended soy and paraffin wax. Made In The USA! * 100 hours of burn time(that's more than four days worth!) * A plethora of intriguing and diverse colors and scents. * Unbeatable value. Combination of Scents Available Fragrances: Smell My Nuts Apple Pie Cinnamon Root Beer Float
Price: $8.49
Mason Jar Candles Multi Fragrance :
Mason Jar Single Fragrance Candles-Assorted Fragrances Available
13 ounce jar of specially blended soy and paraffin wax.Made In The USA!!! * 100 hours of burn time(that's more than four days worth!) * A plethora of intriguing and diverse colors and scents. * Unbeatable value Available Fragrances: Balsam Pine, Lilac, French Vanilla, Mulled Cider, Cinnamon, Grandmas Kitchen, Hot Apple Pie, Caramel Pecan, Home Made Cookie, Hot Buns, Cranberry Orange Spice, Fresh Linen, Coconut Lime, Tropical Paradise
Price: $7.99
Mason Jar Candles- Single Fragrance:
Village Candle 11oz.-Assorted Fragrances
11 oz. Blown Glass Round Burn Time-45-55 Hours Double Wick,Made in USA
Price: $10.99
Village Candle 11 oz.Assorted Fragrances:
Village Candle 16 oz.-Assorted Fragrances
16oz Blown Glass Round Burn Time-85-105 Hours Double Wick,Made in USA Available Fragrances: Black Bamboo, Creamy Vanilla, Cozy Home,Summer Breeze, Night Sky,Mulled Cider, Apples & Acorns,Crisp Apple,Lemon Pound Cake, Mulled Cider,Warm Apple Pie, Cinnamon Bun, Nantucket Cranberry
Price: $14.99
16 Oz.Village Candle Avaialble Fragrances:

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